Case Study 2: Domestic Installation

Our Client

We acted for Thorpe Underwood Services on behalf of Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate. Queen Ethelburga’s College is an independent school that offers day schooling as well as weekly and full boarding options to both boys and girls from 3 months to 19years. The college is situated in Thorpe Underwood near Little Ouseburn to the North West of York.

The Job

We have worked for Thorpe Underwood Services for a number of years. In this latest project, they approached Harrogate Automation about the installation of a new gate for their car park. As with all installations, but particularly as this was a school, safety was of paramount concern.

The gate would also need to be durable as it would be used regularly throughout the school day. It had to be strong with a powerful motor to cover a large opening of 6 metres. The client also wanted the gate to be protected from environmental factors and able to operate smoothly in adverse weather conditions.

The Specification

After a useful and interactive consultation period with the client, we agreed to install a BALU self-supporting, trackless (6m x 1.5m) cantilever gate in a welded frame construction. The gate was accompanied by a fully integrated automation system with safety features in the car park.

The Installation

The client wished to install a suitable concrete counterbalance at the site and lay power cabling and conduits before the gate’s own installation. Harrogate Automation was able to give guidance about this work before the gate was delivered to site to ensure the smooth integration of the two.

The manufacturer arranged for the delivery of the gate by high-ab crane. It was dropped into position and fixed. The gate was then commissioned by two Harrogate Automation engineers over a two day period. It was installed with front and rear roller guiding assemblies which were connected together to ensure installation and alignment and stability.

The upper guidance system was enclosed and protected from environmental factors with a double roller ball bearing guidance guaranteeing smooth operation in adverse weather conditions.

The client requested that the gate would have weld mesh panels in standard green RAL cover. The finish was added with a GSB International 15 year international powder gate guarantee. It was Windclass 2 compliant in accordance with the EN 12424 testing standard.

All safety features were included and the installation was CE marked, EN13241-1 compliant and TUV approved.

Following installation, the gate was fully tested and handed over to Thorpe Underwood Services with our and the gate manufacturers’ guarantees.

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