Harrogate Automation Coronavirus Position

Harrogate Automation Coronavirus Position

Harrogate Automation is temporarily closed for all on-site works except for essential repairs.

We remain open for all tasks that can be dealt with remotely. 

Please see the below notes for clarification

On Site Work – Essential and Non-Essential work 

As a result of the on-going coronavirus situation we have decided to halt all non-essential on-site work. This includes site visits, new installations, services and non-essential repairs.

Repairs will only be considered essential if the fault with the gates means that you are unable to leave your property to undertake one of the exceptions set out by the government to staying home. This would therefore include faults with the gates which prevented keyworkers getting to their employment or people needing to get food/essential provisions.

A repair will not be essential if ingress and egress can be gained to/from the property by putting the gates on manual or by a different access point.

How to Log a Repair

If you have an essential repair that you wish to report please email this to info@harrogate-automation.co.uk (Please mark the email subject as ESSENTIAL REPAIR).  You can also call on 01423 560 053.  The answer machine will be monitored daily Monday – Friday.

If you do have a non-essential repair that you wish to log for the future please feel free to log this by email to info@harrogate-automation.co.uk (Please mark the email NON-ESSENTIAL REPAIR). We will then contact you to arrange a call out upon our return to business.

Please bear with us as we cannot give any guarantees in relation to the time scales for call outs.

Remote Working

We are still able to carry out some tasks remotely, working from home.  For example, if you would like an estimate for a gate project. We are unable to produce formal quotes which require a site visit. However, if you provide us with rough measurements of the width of your driveway opening and the possible height of the gate together with a description of what you might like we will be able to produce an estimate.

Things to consider:

  • Would you like a flat or curved top gate?
  • Any special design requirements?
  • Would you like above or below ground automation?
  • What form of entry system would you like (e.g. intercom, 0-9 button keypad, push to exit button, vehicle detection system, additional remote controls etc).
  • Any additional specific requirements.

If you would like any assistance with a matter which can be dealt with remotely please email us at info@harrogate-automation.co.uk . Please mark the subject bar with the type of query e.g. ESTIMATE, INVOICE QUERY etc. Alternatively you can leave a message on 01423 560053. The answer machine will be monitored daily.


Advice to Locate Manual Release Keys

As a precaution we advising all customers to ensure that they are able locate the manual release keys for their gates.  This is in case there is a fault with your gate or a power cut and we are unable to reach customers in a timely fashion or are prohibited from doing so due to restrictions on movement.

It would be prudent to check that you are happy with how to use the release system and that it is in good working order.

Emergency Contact 

As we have now closed the office the best way to contact us will be via email to:


You can also call 01423 560053 and leave a message. The answer machine will be monitored daily.

Please include your telephone number in any communication and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.

Proximity Limitations

Where we are undertaking any essential repairs or similar please be aware that we wish to protect you and our engineers. As such we will be enforcing social distancing in order to carry out all work safely.

We wish all of our clients the best during this difficult time and hope that you stay safe and well. 

We look forward to be being back with you soon