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Electric driveway gates are one of the most desirable and practical improvements you can make to your home or business premises.  At Harrogate Automation, we offer our commercial and domestic customers the opportunity to commission stylish and sturdy automated gates, with each installation custom-made to suit your premises and preferences.

In a world where privacy and security seem to be more elusive than ever, electric gates can offer both.  Other security measures may be effective as deterrents, or by recording video footage of intruders.  But as a robust physical barrier which is squarely under your control, a good automatic gate system can give you full authority over who has access to your site in the first place.  Meanwhile, the advanced access solutions we supply make living with an auto gate system no more inconvenient than an electric garage door, but at the same time shielding your property from prying eyes and deterring unwanted visitors.

We specialise in aluminium automatic driveway gates which are strong and light, corrosion resistant, and can be specified with various finishes and appearances.  In supplying a lighter electronic gate with the same intruder resistant properties, we protect, not only your home, but your investment too.  Lightweight aluminium gates put less stress on the gate opening systems which support them, meaning the whole installation can last much longer than with traditional materials.  If you opt for swing gates, lighter aluminium units can offer a much larger span.

The design and installation of your gate automation system will be handled by our expert engineers, and we work closely with our customers at every stage of the project to ensure that you are getting exactly the product you wanted.  We use the highest quality materials for every remote control gate, and we have achieved CAMESAFE installer status for the reliable safety systems we use.

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In addition to work for private clients and businesses, we are able to offer a range of services and support to professional designers and contractors.

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