Repair Maintenance and Servicing


Harrogate Automation carries out:

  • Repairs;
  • Servicing; and
  • Maintenance

for both existing and new customers of electric gates on the following basis:



                  Parts under warranty will be replaced free of charge.

Harrogate Automation may, at its sole discretion, raise a call out charge (see rates below) for the labour required to carry out repairs during this warranty period. This will be appropriate where the repair is required due to a cause that is not within the control or fault of Harrogate Automation, for example, the gates have been damaged by a vehicle or a natural cause.


2.1 Engineer Call-Out charges

A call-out charge will apply whenever our engineers are called out to a property to examine, diagnose, and/or repair a gate, its automation or entry system and it is not covered by a current warranty.

Our call out charges takes into account the time taken for our engineers to travel to and from the property together with an hourly rate per engineer to attend to the work.

Type your postcode or address into the calculator, right, to see the likely cost of a call-out to your property:

Your Call Out Charge

Please Enter Your Location

* N.B. the above calculator uses a Google Maps plug-in and its functions may fluctuate slightly due to what time of day you use the calculator. Call us on 01423 560 053 to confirm an estimate for your specific job.

** In addition, please be aware that the above cost is calculated on the basis of the attendance of one engineer. Factors including safety, complexity of the job or the weight of items to be moved means that two engineers may be required for certain jobs and a two man call out rate will apply. Again, please call 01423 560 053 to confirm an estimate for your specific requirements.

2.2 Parts

Should replacement parts, spares or components be required to restore the equipment to the required operational standard (unless otherwise stated or agreed) these parts will be charged at current list prices.

2.3 Normal Working Hours

NORMAL WORKING HOURS:       Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 16:30

The above call out rates are based upon work being carried out during Harrogate Automation’s Normal Working Hours (08:30 – 16:30 – Monday to Friday).

Should any additional charges be required as a result of the specific circumstances of the work or location then these shall be notified and agreed with the customer before the work is carried out.

2.4       Terms And Conditions

All repairs, one-off services, maintenance and repairs will be carried out in accordance with Harrogate Automation Ltd’s Terms and Conditions. These are available on request or click the button here.



  1. The Importance of Regular Servicing and Maintenance

It is advised that you keep your electric gates well maintained and regularly serviced. It is a requirement of all warranties of automation equipment that gates are kept in good working order and the warranties will become void if the gates not properly serviced. A regular service and maintenance will also prolong the life of your gates.

  1. The Cost of A Service

Please call us on 01423 560053 for a service quotation. The service offered will be tailored to your specific gate and the price of the service will vary according to its specific requirements. For example, the price will take into account various factors such as whether the gate is a commercial use gate with a large amount of daily traffic or a domestic gate. Travelling time for our engineers, the type of gate, the kind of motors involved and the nature of the system installed will also be taken into account.

  1. What is Included
    1. A Full Service

A significant element in the pricing of the service depends upon the frequency of the servicing and maintenance that is recommended. Many domestic gates will only require a single annual service whereas a commercial gate with high traffic will usually require a minimum of 2 services per year.  What will be carried as part of the service will be tailor to the individual gate but what is typically included in a service is set out below:

Typical Undertaking During a Service/Safety Check

c.1       Automated Hinged and Sliding Gates

  • Check general gate construction and hinges
  • Check post construction
  • Check all bolts, welds and fixings
  • Lubrication of moving parts

c.1.1    Electrical Inspection

  • Check motors, variable speed drives, hydraulic operators for conditions and correct operation
  • Check for signs of overheating
  • Check and clean control panel
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check integrity and security of cables
  • Check operation of any fitted electrical safety device
  • Check drainage of foundation boxes where applicable.
  • Open, clean out and reseal of photocells, intercoms and keypads
  • Check operation of loop detectors, safety switches or any limit switches and photo cells
  • Check Radio receivers/ transmitters/ antennas/timers/ lights

c.1.2    Mechanical Inspection

  • Check operation of gate
  • Check operation of track and drive rack
  • Check operation of fitted control devices and locking devices
  • Check drive mechanism and any gearing

N.B. A service is a series of proactive checks and actions to keep the gate well maintained. It will highlight and attempt to prevent or limit future issues with the gate. Should any current issues or faults be discovered during the service these will be dealt with as a repair and an additional charge for labour could be incurred. The cost of any new/replacement parts required will be notified to you at the time and will be charged at list price.


  1. Our Commitment

As a professional company, we are committed to achieving the highest standards in quality of workmanship and maintenance packages that consistently meet the customer’s needs in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of their equipment and provide them with value for money. We actively encourage customer feedback to achieve these aims and ambitions.

At Harrogate Automation Ltd, it is our obligation to be aware of all current legislation regarding safe operations and maintenance of access control equipment.

Harrogate Automation Ltd engineers and staff receive regular and extensive product training, both in-house and at the product manufacturer’s works, covering all aspects and types of physical security equipment. Included within the training programme are regular updates on Health and Safety Legislation. The company training programme ensures that each engineer has the necessary knowledge to perform any repair both safely and competently.

  1. Spare Parts Back Up

Harrogate Automation Ltd maintains a large and varied range of spare parts at its base to back up the spares held by the service engineers. These stock types and levels are continually reviewed and monitored to reflect the changing needs of our customers.

  1. Customer’s Site Procedures or Instructions

Harrogate Automation Ltd is happy to adhere to any site procedures or instructions which the client has in place. The customer must communicate these to Harrogate Automation Ltd before the commencement of the Agreement so that all necessary steps can be taken to ensure compliance.


If you have any queries about the repair, maintenance or servicing of your gates please do not hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: 01423 560 053; or