Case Study 1: Telescopic Sliding Gate

This project presented a unique challenge.

No room for a traditional sliding gate: The driveway opening was close to 6m wide but there was insufficient room beside the gate for a standard sliding gate to roll back into. A traditional sliding gate would need a width equal to or greater than that of the opening, to one side, to take the gate in the open position. However, on this project, there was a building wall on one side of the gate. On the other, the distance from the driveway to the pedestrian gate was too small and would have meant that, in the open position, a traditional sliding gate would have blocked the pedestrian gate and path.

No room for traditional swing gates: Swing gates would not have been appropriate either. For safety and legal reasons, swing gates should open into the driveway, rather than out on to a public path or highway. Due to the shape of the client’s driveway the arc of swing gates would take up a significant amount of the parking area and would not be able to close if a car were parked in front of the house.

The solution: The solution was to install a telescopic sliding gate. The gate has two equal leaves which slide back, one over the other, into the open position.

The gate: The gate has a flat topped design and an anthracite grey (RAL 7016) finish. It is just over 1m from the ground in height and was supplied with a telescopic actuator kit and automated with a Nice Robus Kit 2.

The installation: As well as the sliding gate, Harrogate Automation supplied and installed a pedestrian gate with a matching design and finish.

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