GSM Intercom System

Whether it’s a standard audio, video or GSM, Videx intercoms are our first choice for all new installations. They may not be the cheapest on the market but they have proved time and time again to be the most reliable and robust intercoms available

Standard Wired Audio Intercoms
Audio kits are available from 1 button through to 12 button and in a number of finishes and styles. Audio kits normally consist of an entrance panel, telephone and power supply. Kit can incorporate additional features such as coded access or proximity access.

Video Intercoms
Video kits are available in both mono and colour in a variety of entrance panel and videophone styles. The Videx video kit range is one of the most comprehensive in the industry offering many features normally only found on high end systems. Features such as timed privacy, intercommunication between phones and hands free speech are all available on many of these kits.

GSM Intercoms
Audio entry kits which use the GSM network to call any land line or mobile number are becoming more and more popular. Any telephone number including mobiles can be programmed into the system. We can also cascade the calls so if you don’t pick up the home phone your mobile will ring. In essence with a GSM intercom you are always in. Another advantage of the GSM intercom is that pre programmed users can simply dial the number of the gate to open it. No need for remotes. Our GSM intercoms are also available with 0-9 keypads or proximity readers.

Telephone Interface
This unit Interfaces the Standard Wired Videx intercom system to the telephone line to allow a standard telephone to be used for intercom calls. This can be useful where cabling for multiple handsets is difficult. If you have a dect phone system all your phones will ring with a different ringtone so you will know it’s the gate that’s calling and not a telesales rep. You can also open the gate or open up communications to the door station from any phone in the system.