Sliding Gate Manufacturing Process

Sliding Gate Manufacturing Process

Sliding Gate Manufacturing Process

Gate Manufacturing Process

At Harrogate Automation, we supply a wide range of products to allow you to achieve the look you want for your home.  But image is not the only consideration when it comes to choosing automated gates.  Manufacturing processes and materials also make a big difference in a system’s suitability for your property.

Many of the building methods used in the construction of houses are time-honoured techniques which have been developed and perfected over centuries of practice.  Even the most modern family homes, built to the most up-to-date design specifications, will incorporate stylistic cues from traditional buildings to give them a homely and familiar appeal.  But when new materials come along, new possibilities open up in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.  Discerning homeowners therefore demand items which offer the convenience and other advantages of modern technology, while preserving the attractive image of the home.

Electric gates are among the recent inventions which have brought improvements in our home lives in terms of security and privacy.  For decades, most driveway barriers for all kinds of properties were made from timber or wrought iron, and the earliest automated gates where simply mechanical versions of these.  But by using developments in materials technology, it is now possible to produce them to look more attractive, work more effectively, and last longer than ever before.  Our sliding gate manufacturing process has been conceived to offer the widest range of options in terms of styles and functions, whilst always maintaining the very highest standards of durability and safety.

Wood and iron were once the gold standard materials for driveway gates because each unit was made up of several components, which all contributed to the strength of the whole.  But some gates, garage doors, and other products are now made from a single sheet of material, in an effort to cut costs.  The problem with this sliding gate manufacturing process is that a single impact can compromise the strength of the whole product.  That’s why all of ours are constructed from individual aluminium ‘planks’, joined together for strength just as wooden planks would be in a timber gate.

Automated Gates Manufacturing Process

Why do we choose aluminium for our gate manufacturing process?  While the methods used to construct from timber made for sturdy and stylish products, wood as a material has certain inherent frailties which mean it will become less effective over time.  Aluminium, by contrast, will never rot, does not swell or warp due to changes in temperature or humidity, and does not require frequent re-coating to protect it from the elements.  In fact, we are confident that a mechanical sliding gate process based on the use of high-grade aluminium sections makes for the lowest-maintenance driveway gate systems available anywhere.

Another advantage of working with aluminium beams for our gate manufacturing process is that these can be cut and arranged to form any pattern you like.  This can be anything from flat, horizontal members which imitate the solid timber gates of previous times, to ornate, artistic forms which would have been beyond all but the most skilled wood carvers.  Popular types include gates which mix horizontal and diagonal members to create an individual pattern; close-boarded gates with an open-slat section at the top, to allow a view of the road outside; and solid gates including frosted Perspex panels to allow more light into the driveway.  Why not get in touch with our team to further explore the options for bespoke driveway gates, including motifs and lettering?

The final step in our automated gates manufacturing process is to apply a strong Qualcoat finish which is guaranteed for ten years.  Finishes are available in the full range of RAL colours and can also include textures.  By paying careful attention to every step of our automatic sliding gate process, we can provide our customers with the very best products available.

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