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The gate is usually the first thing that greets anyone to a property. It makes the first impression and the greatest impact on a visitor –
So why leave its design and costing until last?

Supporting Professional Designers

In addition to our work for private clients, we offer a full range of services to professionals working in the design and construction trade.

We can work alongside designers, architects, builders and contractors to ensure that your client gets exactly what they need and that the full power of your designs is realised.

The Versatility of Aluminium Gates

We specialise in the installation of aluminium gates, particularly Knotwood, Wralloy™ and Horiz-Al gates. The major advantage to you as a designer is that, not only are these gates light, strong and highly durable but they are also very versatile in design.

If your client would like a traditional wrought-iron gate or a strong wooden gate these can both be created in aluminium and with an authentic finish to look just like the real thing. The key benefit over a wrought iron gate is that it will be significantly lighter and therefore puts less stress on the automation system. Likewise, it has a benefit over wood in that it will not bend, warp or twist like wood. It, therefore, has the advantage of durability over wood and will be lower maintenance.

The versatility of the aluminium gates extends into the design from the overall look right down to the detail of the gate.


A Toolbox

We can work with you from the very beginning of the design process with one to one support. We can provide advice, amongst other things, about pedestrian gates, necessary power supplies and requirements, health and safety parameters, as well as security and aesthetic options.

We work with Google Sketch-up to provide clients with models of their proposed gates. As such we have an ever developing catalogue of components. We can work with your designs and share these components to ensure that your client has a detailed and realistic illustration of exactly how their property will look on completion.

The Advantage to You and Your Client

By working with us, from the very beginning, you can offer your client a complete package. It will assist your client with the scheduling of works. This is particularly true of new builds or where the client is having the drive re-laid and cabling for the gates (not only the power supply but access and safety features too) need to be laid beneath the driveway.

You can offer your client peace of mind and ensure that your design is complimented throughout.

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