Automatic Gate Repairs

All our gate engineers are knowledgeable about every aspect of gate automation and gate maintenance. Including Swing gates, Sliding gates, Security barriers and Garage doors. All our gate maintenance engineers are equipped with all the necessary tools to repair and maintain your gate.
We aim to repair 90% of gate systems on the first callout, but occasionally we will need to order or make a special part. If your gate needs a special part it will normally be delivered the next working day.

Common problems:

Gates will not open or close;

This is often down to blown fuses or a lack of power to the control panel. Safety photocells obscured by foliage will also give rise to problems as the system thinks there is a person or vehicle in the way and will not operate.  It will take an engineer a matter of minutes to verify and sometimes solve the problem

Poor installation practices by some installers often means that cable entry points into control panels or safety devices are not sealed up properly. This can let all sorts of creepy crawlies into a nice dry home. Bad for your automation system as these can block safety devices or even cause blown PCB’s. Again our engineers can evict the new tenants and seal up entry points leaving you with a working system.

Gates operate very slowly and sometimes do not open or close fully:

This is a common problem with older 230v systems and is usually solved by replacing worn or damaged capacitors. This is an inexpensive and quick repair that often gets old systems back up and running in no time.