Service and Maintenance Packages

Servicing Plans

When you subscribe onto one of our service plans you can feel rest assured that the following will be carried out as a minimum by our service engineers.

 All Services Include:

  • Check general operation of system
  • Inspect structural state of gate support
  • Inspect cable ducts and access where possible
  • Inspect condition of gates
  • Check gate alignment and ground clearance
  • Inspect general condition of hinges, gate stops and gate furniture
  • Grease hinges
  • Inspect operators for condition, damage, wear etc.
  • Check operator fixings, brackets and geometry
  • Assess performance of operators and clutch settings
  • Pressure test and adjustment – open and close
  • Check manual release and locking performance
  • Check protection of electrical connections to operators
  • Assess system usage levels
  • Carry out electrical inspection and earth insulation test on motors and their cables
  • Inspect isolation and protection of mains power supply
  • Check electrical connections, terminations and protection
  • Check earthing termination
  • Check condition and operation of all control equipment
  • Check sealing of control box
  • Check sealing of Audio Link, photocells and other control equipment.
  • Clean out foundation boxes and check drainage for under gate operators
  • Check and if required, change batteries on Safety Edge and Photocell Transmitters
  • Highlight any areas of concern and provide appropriate recommendations
  • Check, affix and date service sticker

During the Cover Period, we will make the programmed calls specified in the service package to carry out preventative maintenance and longevity of the Equipment. The cost of associated travel, labour and sundries will be included in the cost of this Agreement.   We will advise you once the service is complete if equipment should be repaired or replaced and only after consultation with you will the work be carried out. All repair and replacement work will carry the standard manufacturers guarantee.

Platinum Package. £950.00 + VAT 3 services per annum. No stress package

£95.00 a month

2 services a year, 3 call outs a year guaranteed 24hr response and visit. After 5 years all automated (including motors), labour and safety parts will be replaced at no extra cost. All new parts and labour will have a 25% discount applied in the 5year period.

Gold Service:  £600+ VAT 3 Services Per Annum 

£60 A Month

Recommended for: high usage gateways. (More than 25 operations per day)

Also included – 3 call outs with a response time and visit within 48hrs. All new parts and labour will have a 25% discount applied.

Silver Service:   £400 + VAT 2 Services Per Annum

£41 a month payable via direct debit

Recommended for: medium usage gateways. (Between 15-25 operations per day)

Also included – 2 call outs with a response time and visit within 72hrs. All new parts and labour will have a 15% discount applied.

Bronze Service:  £180+ VAT 1 Service Per Annum 

Recommended for: low usage gateways.

£18 a month payable via direct debit

Recommended for: Low usage gateways.