Automatic Swing Gates

We can install actuation systems to operate any type of entrance gate or security gate on your property. Besides supplying and fitting products from our wide range of high-quality aluminium driveway gates, security gates, and barrier systems, we can also provide mechanical and electronic systems to automate swing gates.

Swinging gates are a more traditional type of entry than sliding gates or raising barriers. This makes them especially suitable for the gateways leading to historical properties, or anything built in a period style. Railing gates and anything with a traditional timber appearance (even if they aren’t actually made from timber!) look so much more authentic when they swing open in an expected manner. But that doesn’t mean that our driveway swing gates have to be encumbered by all the inherent drawbacks of the design.

By choosing advanced systems from Harrogate Automation, an automatic swing gate can be every bit as convenient as a sliding model. Not only does a swing gate automation system mean you don’t have to get out of your vehicle in all weathers to open and close the gates every time you pass through, but they also come with all the safety safeguards you would expect from the latest technology available. This means that you never have to worry about anyone getting trapped by the gate systems, or your car finish being damaged by out-of-control gates. Additionally, you can take advantage of the wide range of control systems that combine security and convenience for all our users.

From a large goods entrance gate to a small personnel automatic swing gate, Harrogate Automation has solutions to fit any application. We can use underground mechanisms, articulated arms, hydraulic rams or endless screw-type operators, depending on your particular requirements. To learn more about powered driveway swing gates Harrogate customers can contact us online or by telephone.