Why Install Electric Gates?

There are numerous reasons why you might decide to install residential electric gates.

Each popular reason has a direct bearing on the controls and equipment used together with the design and build of the gate(s) and support structures.

Your initial reason for purchase may, and often does change so design flexibility and forward planning is always recommended.

Protection for children & pets
Automatic closing control will ensure that gates are left closed. Traffic calming is another benefit often needed in built up areas.

Unwanted callers can be a thing of the past. No more suspicious visitors checking your property out.

Protect gardens from wildlife
Gate systems will help protect plants from rabbits, deer and other unwanted visitors.

An automatic gate system adds value and appeal. A recent study has concluded that an automatic gate system can add 5% to the value of a home and speed up a sale.

Close board or solid gates can help keep prying eyes and unwanted visitors at bay. Also noise reduction may be achieved near busy schools or main roads.

Prevention of opportunist theft
A closed gate is often a deterrent to would-be burglars because a thief needs to know he or she can make a clear getaway.

Most major insurers will offer discount when reliable security gates are installed and maintained. Covert protection and surveillance can be added.

You can open gates from the comfort of your own car or home. Systems can also be controlled from anywhere using your telephone.

Control access
Access control devices will only let authorised users through. Audio and video communications and control systems can identify callers before you let them in.

Stop parking abuse and turning
We can design a system which will prevent people abusing your driveway. Dumped vehicles are another hazard that can be prevented.

A gate system can improve the look and stature of your property. Like the border around a picture, gates often add that finishing touch.